Ngaio Parr

Ngaio Parr is a creative director, designer, curator, and artist living between Sydney and LA.

Ngaio collaborates frequently through her own independent studio, opened in 2014, where she works on art and illustration practice, publication design and other printed matter, brand design and creative direction, curation, interiors, and objects. She has an innate ability to research, compress, and curate in any project, to find the kernel in everything and make it clear. She is a born problem solver, thrives in conceptual design, has incredible technical skills, and loves to work across the entire spectrum, (even more so if she’s not done it before).

Ngaio is also the Founder and Director of Make Nice, a conference and platform for creative women that provides a supportive community, inclusive spaces (physical and virtual), practical industry advice and showcases talent. Her far reaching connection to the art and design community often leads to curatorial work for events, panels and exhibitions. Ngaio studied Fine Arts at QUT, Design at QCA and RISD and taught design at the University of Technology Sydney since 2015-2019.

Selected Clients: The New York Times, Figma, HP, Disney, Penguin, Hachette, Thames & Hudson, NeueHouse, Leanne Ford, Adobe.