auro photo of rae begley by colour fields

We Are U . V

Rae Begley the Founder of U . V addresses a rapidly-changing market with campaigns and projects that engage an evolving collaborator network of talented thinkers, innovators and creators.

The U . V studio works with a collective of creative intelligence as our heartbeat.

Directed by Rae, our circle of excellence works with a spectrum of artistry to execute well informed and imaginative ideas.

Our alchemy is the championing of individuals and their unique experiences of the world to realise culturally energising opportunities with you.

U . V value honest narratives that are best articulated by diverse, experienced and dynamic people.

The U . V studio traverses multiple areas of expertise, with collaborators based in Sydney, Melbourne, Byron Bay, Berlin, LA and New York City.

Our auras remind us that we are all energetic beings with our own distinctive robe of colours.

Aura portraits and interpretations by Kate Mitchell for Colour Fields commissioned for U . V

Explore collaborator biographies at the links below: